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Top 5 questions

Shipping time

We are shipping our packages via DHL to our customers in Germany and and all members of the European Union.

Shipping time after dispatch:

Country Shipping duration
Germany 2 – 3 business days
Other EU countries 5 – 10 business days


After your shipment has been processed, you will receive a notification with a tracking number via e-mail. This tracking number will allow you to check the whereabouts of your shipment. If there are any delays, we will notify you immediately.

Can I get a specific album version?

If there is no indication in the article description, you can notify us during the order process by leaving us a note. You can also send us an e-mail. We will check availability and consider your wish. If the version is not available, we will contact you.

Which version of my ordered albums will be delivered to me?

Unless there is a specific detail mentioned in the article description, you can tell us your favoured version(s) during the order process by leaving us a note. If you are not specifying a version, we will choose the album(s) randomly. If an album is released in two or more versions and you intend to buy the two or more versions, we will automatically choose different versions and different posters (if there are multiple ones to choose from) for your order.

Reasons why your order hasn’t been shipped!

We were unable to contact you, because your e-mail address was invalid and there was no phone number saved in your account.

We needed to clarify something regarding your order, because there were issues like incomplete shipping address and we haven’t received any response from you via e-mail.

Your order was cancelled, because the 7-day deadline for the payment had passed.

Our delivery partner DHL was unable to deliver the package to you, because you weren’t at home or there was an issue with your address.

You forgot to include the shipping cost in your transfer and we were unable to contact you via e-mail or phone, because no phone number was saved in your account.

Your order might contain already available products but there is at least one pre-order item included in your order and we are not offering partial deliveries.

All of these reasons are examples which are quite common. If you feel that your order is due and you are not aware of any problems, please contact us immediately via e-mail .

I am missing something in my album

Due to the production related processes at the entertainment, we don't have any way to verify the contents of the album, because we can't open the original packaging.

If there is something missing in your CD/DVD packaging, i.e. photocards/poster/booklets/etc, we can't provide you with a replacement.
Because the entertainments reserve the right to modify the album contents on short notice, we are unable to compensate for modified or removed contents.


New questions

Which app do I need for Plaform (Digital) versions?

The common apps are minirecord, NEMOZ, Kihno, Smart Music Card, Pocaalbum. These can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

What is Weverse Album / Platform/ YG Tag/ Poca/SMini Album?
„Weverse Album“ or Platform Album isn't a physical Album with a CD inside, as we know. A Weverse/Platform is a digital Album which can be used with an App or with scanning the QR-Code. Some platform albums, e.g. SMini, only work via NFC. Here it is important that your smartphone supports NFC. The only physical inclusions are different types of photocards and the album cover, which is called "Card Holder".
Pre-Order contents

When we announce a pre-order, we list all the contents based on the information, provided by the entertainment.
Due to the fact that this information is pretty early, there can be changes until the release.
Unfortunately, the entertainments do not inform us about these changes and in rare cases, the contents of the pre-order can differ from the original information.

Due to this fact, we have no influence on the contents of the sealed product and therefore we cannot provide anything, the entertainment did not include in the product.

Reclamation: Wrong items

If you received the wrong items, please contact us immediately via e-mail and provide us with a photo of your shipment. We will then provide you with a Return label without any charges.

How does it work?

Print out the e-mail correspondence and put it into the package

Please make sure the item is packed safely

Return the package to a DHL shop for processing

Reclamation: Damaged during transport

If the package was damaged during transport, please notify us immediately and send us pictures of the damaged items via e-mail .
As soon as we have checked the damages, we will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with further instructions. Usually the customer will have to take the package with all its contents and a DHL damage report to a DHL station as a damaged delivery.

Please note, that the damaged package needs to be at the DHL station within 7 days after receiving the receiving the package. DHL will then check the reclamation. This process can take up to 14 days. We ask for your understanding and we will notify about every change of the investigation.

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