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Frequently asked questions


General information for the pre-order handling

If your order is a pre-order, please keep in mind that there can be longer delays until the order has been shipped. The official release date will be shown in the article description.

Please note that the mentioned release date corresponds to the release in Korea and starting from this date, you can expect an estimated delivery time of around 10 to 14 business days.

If your pre-order contains an already existing article, we will hold back the order until the order is complete, because we are not offering partial deliveries and your order will be shipped, once all articles are in stock.

If you need an article sooner, please make a separate order.

Which version of my ordered albums will be delivered to me?

Unless there is a specific detail mentioned in the article description, you can tell us your favoured version(s) during the order process by leaving us a note. If you are not specifying a version, we will choose the album(s) randomly. If an album is released in two or more versions and you intend to buy the two or more versions, we will automatically choose different versions and different posters (if there are multiple ones to choose from) for your order.

Is there a free poster in my pre-order?

Usually the pre-order contains some free goods like posters (folded) or the announced pre-order specials. We can't always guarantee the availability of all goods, so please keep this in mind.

Goods for a 2nd pre-order can vary!

Is my album a first press edition?

If you are ordering during the pre-order process, your album is guaranteed to be a first press. After the pre-order phase we cannot guarantee that the album is part of the first press. The manufacturer does not provide an indication on the box and we are unable to check the contents, because all albums are sealed.

Is there a photo card in my album?

Normally all first press editions contain a photo card but this also depends on the manufacturer and we can't interfere with this process. If you order during the pre-order phase, your album is guaranteed to be a first press but afterwards we can't guarantee if it is a first press. The manufacturer does not provide an indication on the box and we are unable to check the contents, because all albums are sealed.

Will my album purchases be counted towards the Hanteo charts?

Yes, all purchases will be included in the HANTEO charts. Reference: HANTEO CHARTS FAMILY 2020 No.: HF0049DBK001.

We are reporting our sales on a regular basis to HANTEO. All your purchases will support your favourite K-Pop artist.

HANTEO: Counts how many albums were purchased by individual customers. This will help your favourite K-Pop artist to win at music shows or other events in Korea.

Pre-Order contents

Wenn we announce a pre-order, we list all the contents based on the information, provided by the entertainment.
Due to the fact that this information is pretty early, there can be changes until the release.
Unfortunately, the entertainments do not inform us about these changes and in rare cases, the contents of the pre-order can differ from the original information.

Due to this fact, we have no influence on the contents of the sealed product and therefore we cannot provide anything, the entertainment did not include in the product.

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