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Delivered from Germany
lovingly and safely packed
2021 HANTEO Family Member No.: HF0049DBK001



Debüt: 31.10.2014
Member - Geburtstag - Bürgerlicher Name:
Junhyuk - 21.04.1992 - Jun-Hyuk Choi
Timoteo - 25.01.1993 - Moon-Gyu Kim
Taehyun - 15.10.1993 - Tae-Hyun Roh
Sungwoon - 22.03.1994 - Sung-Woon Ha
Yoonsan - 22.08.1994 - Sang-HyukYoon
Hojung - 20.10.1994 - Ho-Jung Go

Fans: HOTPLE (Kurzform für HOTSHOT'S PLACE)

Empfohlene Songs: "AM I HOTSHOT?", "Midnight Sun"

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ROH TAE HYUN 1st Mini Album - biRTHday
ROH TAE HYUN 1st Mini Album - biRTHday
Artist: Roh Taehyun Titel: biRTHday Format: CD Herkunft: Süd Korea Trackliste 01. biRTHday 02. I Wanna Know 03. Love Lock 04. 하늘별